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AdvantagesThis is the next post in my series on why I have chosen to invest in Cincinnati real estate. My last article discussed the hot state of Cincinnati’s real estate market. In June of 2021, our city had the fastest selling market in the country. This growth is being driven by a number of factors, one of which is the city’s geographical advantages as well as its appeal to younger people. In this article I will dive into those two issues further and explain why I personally believe our city has advantages which other areas lack. Contact me today to speak with a real estate agent if you are interested in purchasing investment properties in our city.

I believe Cincinnati real estate provides advantages to investors due to the city’s geography

Cincinnati sits in a very advantageous position for certain industries. The city’s location is at the crux of some of the nation’s most relied-upon interstates and is an important spot for air traffic.  This makes the location ideal for major retail giants, such as Amazon, to focus on our area as a hub for shipping and receiving. As such companies continue to expand in the area, opening warehouses and distribution centers that are hundreds of thousands of square feet in size, they are creating jobs by the thousands and drawing in people from outside the city.

In some markets investors may be nervous about purchasing a property in an area on the rise. This nervousness can stem from a fear that the market is at its peak and will start to roll downhill. However, I believe the geographical advantage discussed above makes our area unique. This geography gives the Cincinnati market a durable growth that can continue to strengthen over time as companies continue to bring their operations here. You cannot duplicate Cincinnati’s geography, and this is why I believe the city’s advantages are “durable.”

Cincinnati is seeing population growth, which will help its real estate market

Some of the population growth that Cincinnati is seeing is through Gen Z. Such people are young junior employees who are looking to grow with companies and fill open roles. Others are individuals who are choosing our city as they now have the opportunity to work remotely. As the population grows and the job opportunities continue to pop up, the demand for real estate rises with it.

Right now, younger generations are drawn to the home prices in Cincinnati that are below the national average, 33 percent lower, in fact.[1] Because of this affordability and opportunity in the expanding industries of the area, it is my personal opinion that we can expect that Cincinnati, which was the nation’s fastest-selling housing market in June of 2021, doesn’t look like it plans to cool off any time soon.[2]

If you are interested in investing in Cincinnati real estate then contact me today to speak with a realtor. I pride myself on being responsive, knowledgeable and providing professional, high-quality service. I look forward to connecting with you.

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