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real estate investment model houseWelcome to my new series on investing in Cincinnati real estate. In 2021 I purchased a personal residence in the area and I plan to begin investing in rental properties. As someone with an investment portfolio in southwest Ohio, I am looking forward to expanding my investment activity into the city. I have decided to write on the issue of investing in the area as I believe this information will be useful to others. If you are considering buying an investment property, or if you wish to list your property for sale, then contact me today to speak with a realtor.

In this series, I will be discussing the following topics:

  • Why I am investing in Cincinnati real estate
  • Cincinnati’s housing market is hot for investors
  • Cincinnati’s advantages for investment real estate
  • How Cincinnati’s growth prospects impact real estate investors

In 2021, I relocated from the Dayton area to Cincinnati. I purchased my first property in this area for my own personal residence and am gearing up to begin investing in properties in the city. It is my personal opinion that Cincinnati home prices and rents will continue to rise over the coming years. The next post in this series will focus on why I believe that to be true and why I have personally chosen to invest in properties in this area.

In June of 2021, our city had the fastest-selling real estate market in the country,[1] with rents also up 17.1% from 2020[2]. I believe this, along with other factors, make Cincinnati’s real estate market a prime area for investment. In addition to the market trends, the city’s geographical location provides a durable advantage against other areas, making it advantageous for investors. With the city sitting at the hub of many of the nation’s major interstates, it’s seen a growth in shipping, distribution, and logistics growth. For example, Amazon has opened a new $1.5 billion air hub in the area, which will act as its central air cargo location. This is leading to roughly 2,000 new jobs in the area. I believe that job growth will lead to population growth.

In addition to distribution, the ecommerce and technology industries are creating job growth in the area. The real estate market is following suit with demand for rental units. In fact, Cincinnati has also been named as one of Gen Z’s choice cities for relocation.[3] I believe that all of these circumstances tee up our region to be ripe with opportunity for cash flow that is harder to obtain in other areas, specifically the coastal regions.

If you are considering investing in property in the area, then contact me today to speak with a real estate agent. My goal is to help you find or sell a property so that you can reach your goals. I provide high quality and responsive service and have personal experience in purchasing and managing investment properties. I look forward to working with you.

I also assist with properties in Fairfield, Springdale, Sharonville, West Chester, Hamilton, Monroe, and Middletown.

Note & Disclaimer: Nothing in this article, or on this website, should be construed as investment or financial advice. The opinions shared on this website are the personal, and not professional, opinion of the author and are not associated with Keller Williams Advisors. Any investment decisions should be made after consulting with a certified financial/investment professional.

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