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money with calculatorThis article is being written to conclude and recap my series on investing in Cincinnati real estate. I decided to write on this topic due to the fact that I am expanding my investment activity in southwest Ohio, and I am excited for the opportunity which I see in the area. My last several articles have explained my rationale for this belief as well as why I believe that the trends in our local market are sustainable. If you are considering buying property in the area or have an investment property which you wish to sell, then contact me today to speak with a realtor.

I have addressed several topics over my recent articles. The issues which I have looked at include:

I decided to dive into these topics for multiple reasons. First, I felt it was necessary to go over my rationale for expanding my investments in southwest Ohio. While it is true that property prices are up in much of the country, as of late 2021, I do believe that our city has unique qualities favorable to an investor. These qualities are what prompted me to invest in our area. Second, our city’s property market is moving at a brisk pace. As mentioned in a previous article, we had the fastest selling market in the country of June of 2021 and activity in the area remains strong. Third, I believe that our city’s geography gives it a “competitive advantage” over many others in terms of appealing to major employers; southwest Ohio is quickly becoming a major hub for ecommerce distribution. Finally, our city has seen large amounts of money put into it in recent years and these growth prospects are continuing at this time. I strongly believe that this activity creates great opportunity for investors.

If you are considering investing in single family or multifamily properties, then contact me today to speak with a Cincinnati real estate agent. I focus primarily on dealing with investors and I pride myself on the level of service I offer. Contact me online or by telephone today. I also assist with Ohio properties in Fairfield, Springdale, Sharonville, West Chester, Hamilton, Monroe, and Middletown.

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